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Charles Vital Cornu sign big pitcher "the wine" 1902 .Bacchus Art nouveau

"Vital Cornu sign big pitcher" the wine "1902 .Bacchus Art Nouveau"
Very rare objet d'art, High quality object
The photos do not reveal to its fair value the beauty of the sculpture nor its thickness nor the brilliance of the ceramics,
No accident, complete. It is a magnificent disturbing object as must be a quality work with an equal finish, very thick model, very massive, very fat, piece of museum.

Charles Vital-Cornu, born April 17, 1851 in Paris and died on June 29, 1927 in the same city, is a French sculptor. A pupil of Isidore Pils, Eugène Delaplanche and François Jouffroy, Vital-Cornu began his career in statuary by obtaining a first class gold medal at the École des Beaux-Arts, soon followed by an honorable mention at the Salon de 1889, for his first shipment, Le Ricochet1. In 1882, he received a medal of class for a family of Desmoulins and a child Narcisse. Making marble and bronze sculptures of various patinas, he participated in several exhibitions organized in Paris by the Society of French Artists, where he obtained numerous distinctions, as an honorable mention in 1880 and 1881, a medal de3eclasse in 18822. In 1883 he was awarded a travel bursary for the Alcedonne, a marble statue erected outside Monceau. In 1886, the Belles Vendanges earned him a second class medal1, after which he was excluded from the competition1. At the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889, he received a bronze medal, and the following year, at the Salon of 1890, he received seven votes for the medal of honor of the Salon for the marble group entitled Archimedes, martyr of the science1. On January 1, 1896, he was appointed Knight of the Region of Honor1. At the 1900 World's Fair at Grand Palais de Paris, he won a silver medal. He is President of the Union of French Artists, and Vice-President since 1893 of the Free Society of French Artists .

Height : 28 cms

Category : Керамика
Style : Art Nouveau
Period : 20th century

Price : 2400
Free shipping for France, request a quote for other country


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